Top Updates for Your Home to Try This Spring and Summer

Are you considering making upgrades to your home in the coming months?  There are terrific options available to homeowners who are interested in a creating fresh look.  Here are some ideas you could do yourself, as well as tips for when you should call in a pro.

Spruce up your siding.  Vinyl siding is easy to maintain, but now and then, it needs a good clean up.  If yours is looking a bit weary, USA Today suggests a good hand scrubbing with a quality cleanser and long-handled brush over power washing it.  The force of a power washer can actually damage siding.


Front door facelift.  A fresh coat of paint on your front door can lift your home’s entryway.  Select a bold color that complements your home’s exterior. It’ll be eye-catching and add to your home’s curb appeal.  While you’re at it, check out the house numbers on your home and mailbox. Weary and worn numbers can make your whole house look tired, and installing attractive new ones is an easy way to pack a wallop.  


Paint.  Painting is an easy and inexpensive project that nearly any homeowner can tackle.  It also gives you a lot of bang for your buck, bringing a whole new look to a room with minimal outlay of time, money, and energy.  The key is to take your time, especially preparing the work area. With a little patience, you can set yourself up for a successful project.  


Heart of the home.  The kitchen is one of the best areas for home improvements.  Consider installing new cabinets if yours are dated or giving them a fresh coat of paint and new hardware.  A new backsplash also makes a big impression, and you can do it yourself easily if you use self-adhesive tiles.  

Updating countertops adds considerably to your kitchen’s appeal. Some experts feel wood countertops are an especially good choice. It’s a beautiful, durable, warm option that actually becomes more attractive with age.  One thought is to do this installation yourself if you’re pretty handy.  Start with doing an isolated section like an island if you want to test-drive your skills.  

You may decide to leave your kitchen upgrades to a professional, especially if you are planning an extensive remodel.  A pro can rejuvenate your entire kitchen in just three or four weeks, but doing your own work may mean months of navigating the construction zone, with a dirty food-prep area and a great deal of frustration.


Bathroom.  Bathrooms are another key area to consider for home improvements.  The average homeowner can install a new toilet, or you may want to install a new faucet and hardware.  Consider new countertops; a professional carpenter could likely knock out the project in no time. If your bath needs a full remodel, and you’re feeling quite brave, there are do-it-yourself instructions on the internet, but it’s time consuming and requires quite a bit of skill.  


Don’t DIY.  Some home improvements are definitely best left to the professionals for safety concerns.  According to some experts, removing trees, replacing roofs, removing walls, plumbing projects, and electrical projects are better left to professionals unless you’ve been specially trained.  As a rule of thumb, any time your project exceeds your skill level and experience, call in a pro.


Celebrate the changing of the seasons with some home improvements.  Consider some simple projects you can do yourself, and stretch your skills if you feel brave.  Call in a pro when jobs get complicated. You’ll enjoy the fruits of your inspirations in your freshened up home!


Photo Credit: Pixabay